GroVert Living Wall Planter consists of a single polymer unit available in two sizes: 8x18x4 and 20x20x2.5. Our 8" planter is lined with our proprietary moisture mat. Simply populate the planting cells within each unit with plants purchased at your local nursery by following the planting instructions provided with your kit.

Mounting your planter is easy!
Each unit can be hung separately or in groups. Tilt the unit upright and attach it to any sound, vertical surface using the mounting bracket included with your kit.

Water thoroughly.
Water enters through the top watering chamber and spreads evenly across the moisture mat. Plants can be watered manually by installing our patented GroVert Irrigator™ or through a built-in drip line system.

Accessorize. Choose from a variety of accessories including the GroVert Irrigator, Collector tray, or wood frame surround.